Инновационная cветодиодная лампа T8

  • Светодиоды Cree и LG
  • «Керамический» драйвер
  • Качественные комплектующие
  • Фирменные передовые технологии
  • Высочайшая надежность
  • Уникальный срок службы: 27 лет
  • Сверхэнергосберегающая
  • II класс электробезопасности

Company «Angrom»

We welcome you on a website of company «Angrom».

If you need super reliable and high-performance LED products then you make a right choice visited our website.

How are we different from other manufacturers and sellers of LED products?

Our company is one of the few companies which designs and produces LED products based on its own innovative technologies «Ceramics» and «Max50». On the base of technology «Ceramics» we produce the unique LED drivers, which does not contain any electrolytic capacitors (electrolytic capacitors are the weak link in electronic equipment) and use highly reliable ceramic capacitors instead of them. We called these drivers as «ceramic» drivers. The life span of such kind drivers is more than 270,000 hours (over 30 years). Drivers are the heart and basis of any LED product and paired with LEDs determine its life span.

Therefore on the basis of «ceramic» drivers there are produced the truly innovative and original LED products that have obviously long life span comparable with the lifetime of driver that is at least 30-years of continuous operation! (Please do not confuse with the warranty period). Note as well that this driver is highly efficient.

The second technology «Max50» used «custom-made», branded, high-quality LEDs paired with «ceramic» driver allows you to bring light flux to the fantastic 156 lumen per watt! And this value is reached for a glow of warm colors! That is today our products have outstanding performance (efficiency) and so they are really seriously saving!

And third generally distinction of the products of company «Angrom» from others is that they meet all the standards and guidelines for products safety (electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, psycho-physiological compatibility) and sanitary norms adopted in Russia, Western Europe, the United States and Japan.

The company’s main strategy is development of exclusive LED modules, the hallmark of which is the ability to apply them in enclosed fixtures, and as noted above a fantastic efficiency and a very long life span in accordance with current view.

We also develop LED lighting fixture, retrofit lamps (LED lamps in the form of classic lamps).

During design and development of mentioned above LED products in addition to our own original innovative technologies (Ceramics and Max50) we apply technologies of some other companies (Intelegents Control, Planar, SMD-technologies) and we use such new electronic product , as Sic-diodes, revolution LEDs produced by the American company Cree Inc. which is a world leader in production of semiconductor crystals from silicon carbide (SiC) and we also use super-efficient LEDs produced by South Korean LG major concern.

All these technologies and high-quality components led to that the LED products have advantages over similar products of our direct competitors. These advantages are the followings:

  • The prices are 1.5 — 2 times less
  • Life span is 4-5 times larger
  • Efficiency is the 2-2.5 times higher
  • There are no bulky radiators
  • There are no restrictions on use in enclosed lighting fixtures
  • Suggest 24-hour maintenance
  • The dual-mode activity
  • Have the electrical protection class II and meet Russian and international standards for electrical safety
  • In line with the international standards on electromagnetic compatibility
  • Meet Russian sanitary norms (SanPins)
  • Meet the modern concepts of psycho-physiological compatibility
  • Have very high CRI (color rendering Index)
  • No blinding effect and the effect of glare
  • Satisfy the requirements to reduce the «light pollution» and «nuisance light»

We will be very grateful to the companies and private entrepreneurs, who bring with us the ideas concerning of high-quality LED-based lighting in heaps of Russian consumers by participation in the discussion of this topic in our forum. We also welcome suggestions for improvement and commercial distribution of our products.

Company «ANGROM» 2013


  • Фирма «Ангром» готовит к выпуску лампу формата Т8 60 см. (аналог люминесцентной лампы), с питанием 12 вольт. Мощность лампы 8W, а световой поток составляет 1150 люмен (для теплого цвета свечения). В лампе использованы светодиоды фирмы LG (либо Cree). Лампа предназначена для использования в местах, где отсутствует сеть 220V.

  • Фирма «Ангром» открыла новый сайт, посвященный инновационным световым технологиям.

  • Тарифы на электроэнергию в СПб с 01.07.2012 выросли на 6%. Как ожидается, в следующий раз их увеличат только в следующем году. Хотя на сентябрь и запланировано очередное повышение тарифов ЖКХ, тарифы на свет рост цен не затронет.


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